Sunday, 7 April 2013

Algebraic Thinking

Polygons, polygons, polygons
I learnt to find areas of the polygons through drawing out the geometry on a geoboard. Finding the area through a geoboard is rather interesting. The class has came out with different shapes and sizes on the geoboard. Usinga a small square as a standard unit of 1 square unit, we tried measuring the bigger polygons using the small square as a guide. Some polygons are easy to meaure while some polygons which has slanted lines are a little difficult to measure. Instead, we came out with ways such as cutting a smaller portion of it and placed it to the form a rectangle. Then it would be easier to measure the area of the bigger polygons. Maybe for younger children, I feel thatnwe should get them to ecplore by using rubber bands to form the different polygons on the geoboard first rather than to teach.the area. However, I find it rather confusing if a child were to change their focus into finding areas of poygons without using the geoboard.

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