Sunday, 7 April 2013

Graphing & Final Say

We have come to the end of the session in learning Mathematics. I'm very much interested in the the concept on graph. I learnt that graphing has a purpose in doing as well.

Purpose of graphing

  • How to categorize ?
  • Who is it useful for?
  • Who would need to know such information or data?
As a class, we listed down a few possible categories to create the graph. Such examples would be how we travel to work, shoe sizes and we finalize on creating a graph on our ages. Firstly, we created our own frequency table to check the numbers in each category by having us to place our individual magnets up on the board accordingly. In preschool setting however, its best to use their pictures of their faces to represent them on the graph. We then chart and plot our graph. There are various ways of plotting the graph. What my group did was to create a bar graph with a horizontal axis represting the number of people and the vertical axis representing the age group. Some of them drew out by shading the parts accordingly. Graphing a good topic we can start with in teaching younger children. From the given graph, they can compare which is more and which has less. 

I would like to thank Dr. Yeap for bringing all the information across clearly throughout this course. I definitely learnt a lot and have a better understanding to the different mathematical concepts.

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