Sunday, 7 April 2013

Measurement & Geometry

Accommodation & Assimilation

Today I was taught about accommodation and assimilation. According to Piaget, accommodation refers to adaption process which involves altering one's schema for new information and experiences. Through assimilation, children take in new information and incorporate them to their existing ideas. It is important for teachers to know this, The implication here is that it is not good for adults to make every single thing crystal clear to young children for example spoon-feeding them with answers like what most parents do while guiding their children in their learning. I fell in love with the saying:-

"Everyone is made clever BUT not born clever"

Thirsty Crow
The class watched a short video called thirsty crow and it was indeed a very interesting story which teaches us about measurement of water. However, the difference of this problem that we have to solve involves fractions. We were supposed to find out how many liters of water left after Thirsty Crow drank 3 quarter of it. In all the methods discussed, I still find that it would be easier for me to use the methods where I made the denominator the same number hence, making it more easier to subtract. Although there are other methods, I find that it would be hard for young children to understand.

We were given time to experiment with the tangrams in making shapes. And surprisingly after cutting the shapes out, I was not able to put them back together to form the original shape before I cut them out. It was rather tricky to do so. Nevertheless, I learnt to use the various tangrams to visualize in getting the same area or even finding out what are the areas of the different shapes made using the tangrams given. 

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