Sunday, 7 April 2013


Fraction is one of the mathematical concept that most young children faced in understanding. Even for myself, fraction is never an easy topic to learn since I was young. Epecially in solving word problem sums with fractions in it, I would simply just give up on it. It's a good thing that fraction is not taught in oreschool. I believe that young children need to know the basic mathematical concwpt first before moving on to fractions.

In class, we did an activity where we were told to fold a piece of paper into 4 equal parts and check if the fur parts are equal. How do we know that? We have to check if the 4 parts overlap with one another. Although we were told to fold the paper into 4 equal parts, we have actually came out with equal parts in many forms. Some of us folded the paper in a long rectangular where, while others folded in another rectagular way. Some even folded the paper in a triangular form. We looked through the various ways that we have come out with and we checked whether they are still equal parts although they are of different shapes by cutting and matching and overlapping them together.

I learnt the correct form of saying fractions for example 3 fourthd instead of 3 upon 4. Doing the word problem is not as easy as I think. I prefer solving the word problem through drawing out model so it would be easier for me to visualize clearly and solving through the problems.

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